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Blown Film Calculator

Want a cool tool to make your job easier?

Say thanks to Techflow, a leading blown film extrusion equipment manufacturer, for providing this ingenius piece of easy-to-use software. This tool can be helpful in your day-to-day operations when figuring film output, costs, and other production estimates. The software is totally free and completely functional with no annoying upgrade requests or other hidden items. You simply load it and use it.

Click on image below to download the blown film calculator (2.23 mb). Save it to a file on your computer first. After it completely downloads, then open the file and it will automatically load.


techflow We would like to again thank our page sponsor, Techflow Design, for contributing the blown film calculator for all to use. Please click on their logo to go directly to their website for more information about their company and product lines. Techflow's longevity in the blown film industry and track record in meeting the needs of diverse clients are testament to their expertise. Techflow can assist clients with the strategy of updating manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art extrusion technology. In particular, Techflow can contribute customized solutions developed by working with our clients' in-house expertise.


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